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Shadowhunter Card

Descensus Averno Facilis Est

Monday Apr 4 @ 02:45am

#this seriously looks like a behind the scenes gif #like they were just chillin’ off camera #but they filmed it for a dvd or something #then i remembered dragons don’t exist

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 01:04am


Disney leads and their villain’s shadows 

Saturday Mar 3 @ 07:02pm
Saturday Mar 3 @ 06:46pm

Friday Mar 3 @ 07:34pm



Friday Mar 3 @ 07:34pm

Olivia Burton Women’s Wonderland Flower Motif Leather Strap Watch, Tan ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more olivia burton watches)


Friday Mar 3 @ 07:18pm


Maneki Luna by Megan Lara

Grab the shirt, print or sticker!

I wanted to draw Luna as a “lucky cat.”  I just picked the Sailor Moon imagery that made the best composition to go around, because there is SOOOOO much fun stuff to draw in the SM universe.  Sparkles and stars and hearts, oh my!  This was super fun—hope you dig it.  

Friday Mar 3 @ 06:44pm

Friday Mar 3 @ 06:42pm


Dumb Sharks: A collection

Friday Mar 3 @ 06:41pm
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